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Leaf Doctor –  How It Works

If you’re sick of cleaning your gutters and managing clogs, we have a solution for you – Leaf Doctor! The Leaf Doctor gutter guard system keeps your gutters free from leaves and debris to ensure water can flow through your gutter system properly. Leaf Doctor is attached to your new or existing gutters to keep leaves out and water flowing. The small openings in the Leaf Doctor enable water to flow in while keeping them clear. Low profile and nearly invisible, Leaf Doctor is both attractive and effective.

Longer Lasting Gutters With Leaf Guard

If your gutters are continually clogged with leaves and debris, it can lead to damage to your gutter system over time. Not only does Leaf Doctor save you the time you’d spend cleaning out your gutters, it can expand the life of your gutter system by keeping it clear. Leaf Doctor takes away the yearly upkeep of keeping your gutters clear of leaves, it also prevents clogs and damage to your gutter system and roof – saving you time and money! 

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